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Residential: Whole House Structured Wiring

Whole House Structured Wiring System & Design

In one sentence Structured Wiring can be described as combining all of the communications wiring in your home and treating it as one wiring system. This can include wiring for a home network (LAN connections and WiFi Access Points), telephone, video, audio, security and fire, infrared remote control or complete smart home control over your network.

The advantages of structured wiring are:

Configurability - With all of the cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel you can easily change how and what these individual cables are connected to and what they are used for.

Troubleshooting - Each of the cables can be individually isolated from the rest of them and tested for shorts and opens if need be.

No splices - Splices are taboo here because they are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference and, quite simply, aren't needed here.

More consistent signal quality - with all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connecter to the same source and get the same signal level. You can easily avoid having some outlet passing through more splices or splitters than others.

Did I mention No splices?

Another feature key to structured wiring is the choice of wiring types. The use of high quality cabling is stressed here. For video this means a high quality RG6/U Quad Shielded cable is typically used instead of the older RG59. The RG6 Quad Shield has less signal loss especially at the higher frequencies used for DSS (satellite) and is less susceptible to interference. For the data network this means a high quality CAT5e , CAT6e, or even fiber optics. The idea here is use the most advanced cabling you can afford. You may not need all the capabilities these advanced cables provide today but with home networking and entertainment evolving so quickly you may find them quite useful sooner than you think.







Structured Media Enclosure:

A Structured wiring enclosure with an easy plug and play design will bring custom hidden wire management of home wiring systems right to your home. Custom Home structured wiring panels will cover and hide cables such as audio distribution cables, video cables, data cables, telephone, data, and your intercom wiring out of sight, but never out of your reach. Hide your whole house structured wiring cables, in a conveniently organized location. With push-and-lock modular components for cable management, structured cable enclosures, will allow for endless possibilities in wiring panel installation.

Questions You Want to Ask Your Self When Planning Structured Wiring System?

What type of internet will you use?

How many locations would you like for active internet?

How many Access Points will you need for complete WiFi coverage?

Will you be using CAT 6 cable or future-proof with Fiber Optic?

Will you be creating a single wireless network or multiple as well as guest connections?

Will you be mounting 3rd party equipment in the Structured media Center? (modem, router, etc)

How many smart devices will you have? Would you want all of these devices on one, easy to use platform?

Cable TV Distribution

Will you have cable TV or satellite service?

Will your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provide your internet service over Coax or Fiber?

Whole House Distributed Audio Questions?

Please choose from the following options:

A-Bus Distribution: Single Source, 4 or more zones (expandable), with local source override and IR volume controls

Basic Distribution: Single Source, up to 6 zones, slide volume control

How many basic zones (left and right speaker, one volume control, indoor - does not include home theater/surround sound area)?

How many small or bathroom zones (locations where there may be room for only a single speaker)?

How many outdoor zones?

Will there be an area with surround sound?

Let Advanced Home Control's (AHC) take all the confusion and guess work out of designing and creating a multi media home of your dreams!

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