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Commercial: Gate Operators/Access Control

Commercial Gate Operators:

AHC systems designs, services and installs parking and entry gate systems for commercial parking areas and gated residential communities. As a leading company in Western KY for gate entry systems, our gate operators, telephone entry systems, card & tag readers and video systems are engineered with quality and rugged construction to provide you the comfort of knowing the gate will open and close all day and night. Simply the best in the industry with a reputation for quality, dependability, and award-winning designs to complement any gated entrance, our complete line of LiftMaster gate openers are designed to meet or exceed safety standards and security requirements.

Access Control / Keyless Entry Systems:

Advanced Home Controls can design, install, and maintain Access Control Systems from two users to 10,000 users. Simple control using proximity technology allowing authorized individuals to access or deny access to different areas throughout your facility or larger fully automated access systems can provide you with an audit tracking trail of the individual or individuals' movement throughout your facility documented by day, date, and times. Our fully programmable calendar allows you to program time, day, date, and holiday parameters to each individual's proximity card. Now you can control access to certain areas and define that access by authority level and time zones. These P.C.-based systems provide you with the onsite software for programming, tracking, and viewing activity history.

Electro-Magnetic Locks: Incorporated into our access control systems are electromagnetic locks. These locks can be a low security lock with 600lbs. of door- holding force, up to 2000lbs. of door-holding force. For extreme high-security door applications, the holding force can be higher. When an access card or key tag is presented to a reader, the lock will automatically disengage allowing entry to the user. Upon closure of the door, the lock will automatically re-engage. Time zones and scheduling can be programmed into our locks for automatic disengagement and re-engagement for daytime or high-traffic time use. Our locks can be customized in color to match the decor of your facility or the color of your door frame. They can be applied to both in-swing and out-swing doors.

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